26 mm Delrin platters



Delrin® is considered the material of choice for record platters by many of today’s high end turntable manufacturers. There are several reasons for this but the primary consideration is that it shares many of the same properties of the vinyl record. It also carries more mass than the majority of high performance thermoplastics available which is important in terms of maintaining speed stability.

The sonic benefits include well balanced frequency response with no loss in dynamics. Upper frequencies are better defined which in turn allows more inner detail to shine through. The improved presentation of instruments within the soundstage provides better imaging.

The challenge in using Delrin is that it is quite expensive in raw material form and requires extra attention during the manufacturing process. The manufacturing process begins with an oversized blank which is machined to its final size by virtue of several machining operations.

In order to maintain the combined thickness of the glass platter and felt mat, the underside of the platter is recessed to match Rega’s distance from the top of the plinth to the top of the playing surface. This simply means that no adjustment in tonearm height (VTA) is required to use the phonograph systems platter.

Finally, in order to use the platter without a mat, we machined a label recess so the record will lay flush with the playing surface.

We hope you will enjoy the new level of performance this platter provides. It not only brings you closer to the music but transforms the appearance of your turntable to that of a true hi-end record player.

The platter is available in either black or white.

Mass is 5 pounds 3 ounces, (2.35kg)


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