Brass Rega End Stub with Ultra Fine Adjustment



One of the most effective upgrades for all Rega tonearms  guaranteed to give an immediate improvement in sound quality when used to replace or upgrade the original steel end stub.

Designed to allow precision adjustment of VTF by allowing you full control of your tracking force with a 1/4,1/2 or full turn giving .01 to .03 of a gram tracking difference which you will hear in music quality. This is done on the FLY so there is no need to reweigh the tracking force when making the fine adjustment allowing effective precision and control.

Tolerances are -.001/+0

Our end stub will fit the original weight but we do recommend it is combined with our upgrade Turbo heavy weight.

Instructions for use:

  • Remove original steel end stub.
  • Screw the BRASS End Stub on tightly with your fingers.
  • Set adjustment to maximum
  • Lock the 2 nuts allowing space for them to move together.
  • Set to your cartridges recommended tracking force.
  • Adjust to your preference.

If your require further instructions or would like to purchase the weight and end stub together please contact us, we are always happy to help.



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