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We believe this is the most competitively priced and effective record cleaning kit available. The unique magnetic locking system  – not a barbecue system – allows cleaning of up to 4 records in 12-15 minutes with no fuss and fiddly spacing. This allows the cleaning of up to 16 records per hour. Simple to assemble there is no requirement to balance or space records and no external supports or kit.

The 12 volt dc high torque motor revolves the records at 0.7revs per minute to maximise cleaning and ensure that vinyl is kept residue and grit free to allow for purer sound and less wear and tear on the record itself and on your stylus.

The record label should not get wet but will not lift if it does since this is embedded in the pressing process.

We recommend the temperature of the cavitation tank (available separately) is kept at 30-33 C degrees.

Cavitation tank £110

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Cleaning Tank

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