Rega Tonearm Rewire Upgrade Kit by Phonographs systems



Rega Tone arm cable upgrade kit manufactured by Phonograph Systems for all Rega tonearms including RB250, RB251, RB300, RB301, also suitable for Moth and other Rega derivative tonearms.

These tonearm cables are sold in kit form with the cable terminated at the output end with bare wires at the cartridge end to allow the cable to travel through the arm tube and is supplied with 4 cartridge clips with heat shrink coloured markers and solder, allowing the buyer to save the cost of fitting although we can provide a rewire service for £39 (please contact for details).

We use a single length of silver plated copper wire from the cartridge pins to the superior quality non- magnetic phono plugs.

Our wires are sheathed in PTFE, Kynar, steel braid and PET braid to ensure enhanced signal flow and screening due to the use of a Faraday cage to kill off RF. We know, its genius!

Length of Cable: 1:2 metres from the base of the arm.


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