Phonograph systems are pleased to announce the arrival of their Reference Sub platter.

Designed to maintain speed stability by adding more mass to give a complete silent background the sub platter is made from 3 components; the disk is CNC machined from a solid billet of aluminium, the shaft is machined from a ground piece of hardened steel and the spindle is machined from solid polished stainless steel. Then we inserted a PEAK thrust plate to reduce the friction interface between the bearing and the platter.  We have also milled 3 contact surfaces to the top of the hub to produce a positive contact to the platter and reduce vibrations even further.

It is both an effective and attractive upgrade that adds gravitas to your current system, maintains pitch stability and totally upgrades your listening experience.

Included in the offer Sub Platter, sapphire ruby zirconia ball (ZrO2), our formulated synthetic bearing oil and new silicone belt.

Compatible with the following

PLANAR 1,2, 3 (2016)

REGA PLANAR 2,3,25, P1 P2 P3

REGA P3-24 P5

RP1 RP3 RP40



Can be used with the RP6 if in conjunction with our DELRIN Platter


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