The Ulimate Rega Tonearm Rewire kit FLUID DAMPED!!



This is the best Rega rewire kit ever made to improve your tonearm  a complete loom from cartridge pins  to pre-amp

Silver plated wire housed in a copper braided faraday housing in-turn housed in a fluid jacket for Dampening

  • Cable Technical Specifications
  • Conductors SCC
  • Metals Copper/silver plate
  • Shielding 100% copper braid
  • Dielectric Material P.P.
  • gauge (effective) 33 AWG
  • Dampening Material Fluid
  • Capacitance 30 pF/FT (pin to shield)
  • Resistance 0.055 Ω/m (conductor)
  • Estimated Break-In Time 100 Hours
  • Cable Diameter 1mmm OD
  • Connector Type Phono RCA /Rega bung plug

30 day 100% money back Guarantee


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